smart thermostat

How to Install a Smart Thermostat

One of the easiest ways to control your utility costs at home is to install a smart thermostat. This one piece of equipment allows you to automatically set temperature preferences so that you’re not heating or cooling empty space.

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eco friendly living room

Affordable Eco-Friendly Home Décor Ideas

Many of today’s hottest home trends involve using reclaimed, renewable, and recyclable materials. When you take an Earth-conscious approach to your interior décor, then it is possible…

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What You Need to Know About Making a Goodwill Donation

If you donate new or gently used items to your local Goodwill, then you’re contributing to valuable employment training opportunities for individuals in your community. 

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Decor Style Savings

Design is the expression of the envelope that surrounds you at work, at home, at play, everywhere. It’s creating an experience, an emotion, or a story of your surroundings; helping life’s functions to be pleasing to the senses while organizing you.

Design is a series of decisions that result in a series of consequences, good or bad. Good design results from making informed decisions from a knowledge base, realizing that each choice we make has a real and lasting impact on the lives of the people we serve, our communities, and the world at large. It could even be said that, as creators of environments, we are on divine assignment. What an awesome responsibility!

Beautiful Home & Garden

From interior to exterior, create your own paradise

Why Crystals Should Be Part of Your Interior Décor

Best Crystals to Choose for the Home

Amethyst is an energetic air purifier that chases away the negativity that can develop in some home environments. It’s an ideal crystal for any place where people frequently gather, such as a living or family room.


Rose Quartz is an affordable selection that provides gentle, compassionate energy. It works to enhance feelings of love and togetherness when placed in the home.


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Accessorizing and Tips

Essential Arranging and Styling Tips