7 Essential Pillow Arranging and Styling Tips

Accent pillows are a fast and easy way to add more personality to an interior décor design. You can spice up your bedroom, living room, and other critical areas by arranging and styling them in unique ways.


If you want to maximize the most visual appeal out of your spaces, then these essential pillow arranging and styling tips can provide a great start!


List of the Best Pillow Arranging and Styling Ideas


  1. Use an asymmetrical look.

Break up the paired sets of throw pillows that you get to make each one a different size with your arrangement. Use unique shapes, patterns, and colors to create visual appeal. Although the result looks a little eccentric, it will also feel vibrant.


  1. Create a wall with throw pillows.

If your bed doesn’t have a traditional headboard, then you can create one by using throw pillows. Oversized options can serve as the back, and then progressively layer smaller ones as you work your way forward to create a cohesive look. You might consider adding a mirror on the wall above this setup to make it look more formal.


  1. Use different textures.

Colors are the primary reason why we shop for throw pillows, but it helps if textures are part of that process. You can use different statement prints successfully when unique fabrics are part of the display. A solid velvet pillow can be a show-stopper when strategically placed on a sofa or a bed.


  1. Add metallics to your decorating concept.

Have you ever noticed how a glass vase can shimmer in the sunlight? If you add metallic throw pillows to your room, then this addition can produce a similar result. It’s the perfect option for a space that needs a little extra sparkle every day.


  1. Combine different patterns.

The classic combination of patterns for throw pillows is a solid piece, a floral option, and then a favorite print. When you coordinate the colors successfully, then the cohesiveness of your interior décor will stand out immediately when someone walks into the room. Having that many options can also let you use the pillows in practical ways more often.


  1. Use a single pillow to make a statement.

Some rooms only need one statement throw pillow to help the entire room come together. The best options for this idea will feature a wide range of different colors that pull all of the décor elements together in one impactful statement. Look for choices that work with your paint, rug, and lampshade colors because these are the items that the eye tends to catch first.


BONUS IDEA: Use Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals can also be throw pillows when you create an interior design. This idea may not be suitable for the living room, but it could be a fun way to brighten up a child’s room, playroom, or nursery.

Throw pillows are one of the most versatile items you can use for your décor update. Consider using these ideas as you arrange your space to bring out the best of your style.

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