How to Hang Artwork Perfectly on Any Wall

Does a crooked picture on the wall annoy you when you see it? Then these tips will help you to hang artwork and family photographs like a pro.


  1. Lick Your Middle Knuckle

When you lick your middle knuckle before grabbing the hanger on the back of the artwork, then your wet finger leaves a mark on the wall. That lets you know where you’ll need to place the nail or the hook for the item.


  1. Smartphone Levels

If you don’t have someone available to tell you to move the frame right or left, a smartphone level can let you know if you’ve hung the artwork successfully. Apps can also let you use your mobile device as a plumb bob.


  1. Use Paper Patterns

Cut out paper patterns on your wall based on the size of the artwork you intend to hang. This outline will let you discover the most efficient way to display your items without adding more holes to the surface. Use painter’s tape for this task because it won’t damage the painted surface when you’re ready to get to work. When you have everything arranged correctly, then hammer the hanger into the correct spot before tearing away the paper.


  1. Use Rivets

Instead of using nails to hang your pictures, consider using 1/8-inch rivets to support your artwork. The head of the product won’t slide into the wall when you try to hang your items. It will also provide a better balance for more substantial items.


  1. Use Pull Tabs for Hooks

If your picture frame doesn’t come with a hook on the back, then create your own using pull tabs from soda cans, energy drinks, or similar products. Use a small screw to attach it to the frame, and then bend it slightly so that it will hang correctly.


  1. Use Pushpins

If you don’t like the idea of licking a finger to mark a spot on your wall in the age of COVID-19, then you use two pushpins to create a similar result. Affix one to the back of another using superglue. Once it dries, then you can make a small point on the wall where you want to hang the artwork. This idea works best when you have hardware screwed into the back of the frame that requires a specific measurement.


  1. Use Toothpaste

When you place a small dab of toothpaste on the frame hanger, then you can press it onto the wall to mark the position. Then remove the frame to see where the spot is so that you can insert the correct hanger for your artwork.


Once you have your artwork hanging correctly on the wall, a small pinch of mounting putty can prevent them from tilting due to vibrations from doors slamming or people walking by. It won’t harm your walls, and no one will even know that it is there.


You also have the option to place artwork on a mantle, shelf, or piece of furniture to avoid damaging your walls entirely.

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