How To Master the Basket Wall Trend

Blank walls can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. If you’re trying to stick to a budget, then creating a low-cost decorating solution that adds some color can seem like a massive challenge.


One of the best ideas to conquer this issue is the basket wall trend that you can find on Instagram. If you search #basketwalls, then you’ll find several unique designs that can quickly add color and life to even the most boring of spaces.


It’s an easy decorating trend to follow. All you need to do is bring several baskets together to create one significant statement. The variety of different colors and textures will produce something that is immediately appealing.


If you want to take on this trend, then the first step is to gather about a half-dozen baskets that you can place on your wall. Then you will want to follow these additional steps.


Steps to Follow When Hanging Baskets on Your Wall


  1. Start with the largest basket first.

Begin the decorating process by starting with your largest or most interesting basket of the bunch. This one is going to be the focal point of your arrangement, and it should be somewhere near the center of the grouping.


  1. Place the other baskets in an asymmetrical arrangement.

You don’t want to establish a pattern with the basket wall trend because it won’t look like a natural arrangement. Place them randomly around your centerpiece item, even overlapping some of the edges if you wish, to create an artistic installation.


  1. Mount the baskets to the wall.

Look for an opening in the weave that’s at the base of your basket. Then hammer a small nail through that space. If you want to guarantee that you won’t damage the item with this process, then tie a loop of string through the top edge of the basket to hang it that way. You can also use adhesive picture-hanging strips on the bottom of each one if you prefer a removable display.


Where to Find Beautiful Baskets for Your Wall


The best place to find colorful baskets for your wall is at your local thrift shop. These items are some of the most donated products in most communities because people don’t like to move them. If you don’t have a retailer like this near your home, then an online thrift shop like Goodwill could provide you with the items you need to follow this trend.


You can also speak with your local artist’s guild to see if there’s a basket weaver in your community. If there is, then purchasing a couple of items from them will support their work while you get to hang something that’s one-of-a-kind on your wall.


Online opportunities are also available to purchase baskets from stores like Amazon.


If you want to make a unique statement with your interior décor, then the basket wall trend on Instagram can offer several incredible ideas. Follow these steps today so that you can post your results on social media too!

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