Why Bees Are the Perfect Home Decorating Accessory

Interior decorating trends change for year-to-year. Sometimes the ideas disappear almost as soon as they come out. Then there are the designs that are the perfect long-term addition to your home.


When 2017 came around on the calendar, one of the trends that came out involved bees and butterflies. Although many homeowners incorporated them into their bathroom designs, a brave few tried something new in their living rooms, kitchens, and other family spaces.


Here are some of the best ideas that you can still use to create a fresher look in your home today.


  1. Honeycomb Accent Walls

The hexagon shape of a honeycomb makes the perfect accent for your walls. It adds some depth and intrigue to your space with the geometric pattern, especially if you create different shades of color for each one. You can even add some floating shelves to this dynamic to further accentuate the idea.


If you don’t like the idea of painting your walls with a honeycomb geometric shape, then there are several wallpaper options available. You can choose from dark tones in navy blue to something festive with light yellows.


  1. Bee and Butterfly Wreaths

You can add a lot of curb appeal to your home by hanging DIY wreaths that feature bees and butterflies. Reflecting the seasons is easy with this idea because you can use pastels for spring, bright tones for summer, and the deeper hues of red and orange for fall. A simple grapevine wreath from your local crafting store can serve as the foundation for this fun project.


  1. Framed Bee and Butterfly Prints

Native American and First Nations artists create impressive bee and butterfly displays that you can frame. Then hang the items in your home like any other piece. If you find some smaller lithographs, postcards, or similar designs, then a shorter frame could sit on an easel that you show off on a bookshelf.


  1. Paper Art

You can create cutouts of bees and butterflies to make it seem like their wings are flapping out with this dimensional idea. Large sheets of paper are exceptionally affordable, and you can often locate used frames at a local thrift store. Then you can hang your new masterpiece on a wall or set it on a mantle.


  1. Mugs and Dishes

Vintage plates, cups, bowls, and other dishes often featured bees and butterflies because it was a way to connect homes with nature. You can purchase these items new from import stores throughout the year, although the treasures you can find in a re-use-it store add a lot of charm to your home. These items can even get set on a shelf or mounted to a wall to create an impressive artistic display.


If you’re not a big fan of bees, butterflies, or insects in general, then this decorating trend is obviously not for you. For everyone else, these ideas can help you to create a charming space that you’ll love to use every day!

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