Accessorizing and Tips
basket wall
Blank walls can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. If you’re trying to stick to a budget, then creating a low-cost decorating solution that adds some color can seem like a massive challenge.   One of the best ideas to conquer this issue is the basket wall trend that you can find on Instagram. If you...
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pillows arranged on bed
Accent pillows are a fast and easy way to add more personality to an interior décor design. You can spice up your bedroom, living room, and other critical areas by arranging and styling them in unique ways.   If you want to maximize the most visual appeal out of your spaces, then these essential pillow...
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woman hanging artwork on the wall
Does a crooked picture on the wall annoy you when you see it? Then these tips will help you to hang artwork and family photographs like a pro.   Lick Your Middle Knuckle When you lick your middle knuckle before grabbing the hanger on the back of the artwork, then your wet finger leaves a...
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bee decor
Interior decorating trends change for year-to-year. Sometimes the ideas disappear almost as soon as they come out. Then there are the designs that are the perfect long-term addition to your home.   When 2017 came around on the calendar, one of the trends that came out involved bees and butterflies. Although many homeowners incorporated them...
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