DIY Projects
repurposed wood wall art
Repurposing old materials is an environmentally-friendly way to create home improvements that are light on your bank account. The extra levels of work you put into a project like that also give your home more of a personal touch.   Repurposed wood is an incredible resource that’s remarkably versatile. If you don’t have any at...
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diy mosaic art
If you have a room at home that could benefit from a refreshed look, then there are a few ways that you can achieve a successful outcome while sticking to a budget. These updates can easily add personality to your living areas without sacrificing form, function, or comfort.   Most people have the tools and...
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farmhouse kitchen
If your kitchen looks like a relic from the 1980s, it might be tempting to tear everything out so that you can start over a new. Here’s some good news if you’re on a budget – that isn’t necessary!   You can give your kitchen a fresh look with some of the following creative DIY...
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wood countertop
Do you have a dated countertop in your home that could use a replacement? Are you not in the market right now for expensive materials, such as marble or granite? Then a DIY wood countertop could be an affordable way to modernize the appearance of a kitchen or bathroom without a dramatic impact on your...
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DIY barn door
Barn doors are the must-have home accessory this decade. You can use this option for a laundry room entry, a bathroom, or even your bedroom. It ensures that you have the style and privacy you want for each space in your home.   You can shop at most DIY retailers to find options that you...
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