Green Living
eco friendly decor
Many of today’s hottest home trends involve using reclaimed, renewable, and recyclable materials.   When you take an Earth-conscious approach to your interior décor, then it is possible to create a livable and lovely home without expanding your carbon footprint.   The most affordable eco-friendly home décor options include materials like recycled polyester, cork, bamboo,...
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smart thermostat
One of the easiest ways to control your utility costs at home is to install a smart thermostat. This one piece of equipment allows you to automatically set temperature preferences so that you’re not heating or cooling empty space. You can also adjust the needs of your home through an app connected to a smartphone...
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Biodegradable plastic bag
Plastic pollution is a significant problem in the world today. Millions of tons of it end up in all of our oceans each year. Anything that is a disposable product, from straws to toothbrushes, creates environmental issues that are not easy to solve.   That’s why avoiding single-use plastic products whenever possible is one of...
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If you donate new or gently used items to your local Goodwill, then you’re contributing to valuable employment training opportunities for individuals in your community. The organization also provides job placement services and a variety of unique resources based on the revenues of each store and earnings from the website.   When you want to...
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