Daybed Designs That Work Perfectly in Every Home

Some furniture items are more practical to use than others. If you have limited space in a bedroom, then a daybed is the must-have item you need for that space. This hybrid solution gives you the benefits of a sofa while offering the comfort of a bed.


Daybeds are also versatile enough to help any room that requires additional seating. Modern designs work well in the living room, den, or the play space you use for the kids. You can add one to your child’s bedroom just as easily as you can place one on your covered patio.


Here are some design options that you can consider for your home that can maximize the use of your space and sleeping requirements.


Best Daybed Designs to Choose Today


  1. Lind-Style Daybed

This traditional-style daybed provides you with the charm of a bench while offering enough space for a good night of rest. Look for models that offered turned knobs that accent the sides and back of the frame to maximize the visual appeal you gain from the investment. The best options are made from solid wood and use a twin-size mattress.


  1. Flattened Bench Daybed

The minimalist approach works well for a daybed. It may be a change from the ornate styles that some homes might be used to using, but this design is still a comfortable option that can provide you with a lot of depth. Look for a style that includes upholstered tufting and vibrant colors so that you can have a cozy spot to relax after a long day.


  1. Overstuffed Daybed

This design option combines the benefits of the flattened approach with those from the Lind-style. It supports an overstuffed cushion for added comfort while providing the traditional silhouette of a daybed. You can find frames crafted in metal or wood based on your preference. It’s the perfect solution for those who have small spaces that require a sleeping area. It’s also an excellent addition to a foyer or entryway.


  1. Farmhouse-Style Daybed

If you like the classic style that spindles provide with your interior décor, then a farmhouse-style daybed is an excellent option to consider. Look for frames that use bobbins for extra support instead of manufactured sides and a back that are one-piece solutions. It comes in a variety of color options, making it a useful piece in almost any situation.


  1. Multiuse Daybed

One of the most versatile designs available today is a multi-use design that can fold up to create a large sleeper or become two single beds. Look for an option that includes a bolster pillow so that you can maximize its versatility. Some models will come with a rattan frame that gives your space more of a tropical feeling.


If you are short on space at home, then a daybed is the go-to item that gives you the flexibility of seating and sleeping arrangements. It often requires less maintenance than a futon, more comfort than one as well, and today’s best designs can coordinate with any home décor plan.

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