Take the Hygge Challenge During Times of Social Distancing

Hygge is one of those words that is becoming part of our everyday language. It originates from the Danish language, and it represents a comfortable, cozy, and special place.


You know that feeling you get when you snuggle with a person you love under a blanket while watching a favorite movie? That’s an expression of hygge.


As the world embraces the idea of social distancing, you have the perfect opportunity to take the hygge challenge at home. This idea encourages you to find a spot in your house that could use a little improvement in this area. It could be a disorganized corner, a messy bookshelf, or an empty space.


Then include items and décor that help you to feel cozy and comfortable when you see them.


Here are some ideas for you to think about if you’d like to explore this trend.


Best Ways to Incorporate Hygge at Home


  1. Light some candles around your house.

Lighting candles can give your home a relaxing effect immediately. Even if you only have scented ones, the gentle flames add a new level of comfort and togetherness. Then pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee and spend a few minutes reading. You might even consider adding some jazz or classical music to the background to help you relax.


  1. Spend more time with your family.

Social distancing has brought many families back together from their crazy daily schedules. The hygge challenge is the perfect time to find ways to make this time feel special. Something as simple as a movie night with some popcorn, candy, and hot chocolate can inspire those feelings of togetherness.


  1. Take a long bath.

If you can find about 60 minutes to spend by yourself, then settle in for a long bath with the bathroom door closed. You can use your favorite salts or oils to make it a special experience. You can also use this time to improve the coziness of this space to make it feel a lot like a spa.


  1. Bake some of your favorite treats.

Do you remember the feeling as a child when you’d bite into a warm chocolate chip cookie that your mom or dad made for you? Replicate that experience at home by taking a day to do some baking. Even if the world outside feels a little crazy, the warm, sugary treats make it feel like life can have some normalcy to it. You can bake a cake, some biscuits, or whatever else is a family favorite.


  1. Turn off all of the electronics.

Pull out some board games to play with your family or friends. Settling in for an evening of screen-free entertainment might not always seem exciting at first, but there are a lot of ways that you can approach this hygge moment. Board games, puzzles, art, and storytelling are just a few ways that you can connect with everyone.


The hygge challenge might seem intimidating at first, but it doesn’t take long to discover how fun it can be. If you find yourself spending more time at home than usual right now, then consider taking on this activity!

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