What Is Japandi?

Japandi is the home decorating trend that you’ve been waiting to embrace. This hybrid approach to décor incorporates Scandinavian, Nordic, and Japanese styles to create an elegant aesthetic that speaks of comfort and minimalism.


Although the decorating ideas come from different parts of the world, both concepts in this hybrid approach to décor focus on creating function-driven spaces. It’s defined by using a few statement pieces instead of having an abundance of items in each room.


The differences of the individual components are what make Japandi such an intriguing concept. Scandinavian interiors tend to add rustic details while appearing antiseptic, while the Japanese influences provide more vibrant colors and a comfortable flow.


How to Maximize the Impact of Japandi


The best way to maximize the visual impact of a Japandi design is to pick contrasting colors for your space.


Japanese styles tend to use luxurious tones for the palette, using stained woods mixed with darkness and red hues to create something uniquely appealing. Scandinavian spaces feature a mixture of neutral tones with lighter colors, pastels, and natural accents.


You’ll find most designs that use Japandi start with a dark base. It’s usually a neutral shade with saturation. Then contrast builds through the incorporation of light wood tones, black hues, and monochromatic accents.


Then you add a handful of vibrant colors through artwork, natural sources, or fixtures to finish this hybrid look.


Choose Furniture That Combines Both Styles When Embracing Japandi


Japanese and Scandinavian furniture is immediately identifiable. You will find an emphasis on practicality in Japandi because of these traits, with clean lines, light woods, and hand-crafted refinement being the distinguishing trademarks.


You can use a mixture of light and dark natural tones when decorating in this style to create another layer of refinement. A small touch of Japanese flair with elegant curves or rich accents can draw out the emphasis on minimalism in positive ways.


If you mix some of the natural tones throughout the room, then Japandi can feel like it has some unique textures that make it visually attractive. That means you can say goodbye to the popcorn ceiling once and for all!


Statement Accessories Provide the Final Touch in Japandi


Because of the emphasis on practicality and minimalism with Japandi, you’ll find less importance is on the accessories you choose for your home. Adding a few statement pieces in the same way that you use your furniture choices can provide the perfect final touch for your interior design.


Both styles rely heavily on natural elements for this décor component, which means you’ll want to include several houseplants as part of your design. It will help to make the room feel more cohesive because it adds a new level of vibrancy to the space.


Japandi first started trending in 2017, but it is an idea that continues to influence the way that homes and spaces transform. With its focus on simplicity and functionality, you’ll discover that this hybrid approach to décor creates a beautiful and relaxing place to call yours.

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