Fast Ways to Freshen Up the Look of a Room on a Budget

If you have a room at home that could benefit from a refreshed look, then there are a few ways that you can achieve a successful outcome while sticking to a budget. These updates can easily add personality to your living areas without sacrificing form, function, or comfort.


Most people have the tools and supplies needed to implement these ideas right away. What ones do you think could freshen up your look today?


Affordable DIY Ideas to Create a New Look


  1. Create Neutral Walls

When the walls of your room are neutral, then it’s easier to create splashes of color in your design by picking vibrant art, linens, and rugs. Try to stick with 2-3 colors that you love to give the space a coordinated flow. It’s an easy way to be bold while reducing the cost of the makeover.


  1. Add Texture

You can quickly change the appearance of a room by giving it more texture. Hand-tufted rugs, braided blankets, and velvety throws are simple ways to add variety into any space. This approach is also useful when incorporating different furniture styles or wood grains to create moments of aesthetic change.


  1. Change Your Pillows

Accent pillows are a focal point in any room. If you change these for something new, then it can feel like your entire space got a makeover. This addition adds new patterns, volume, and personality without requiring much work on your part.


  1. Paint Your Ceiling

When the ceiling of a room is the same color as the walls, then it makes the space feel smaller and more compact. You need a visual break between the two for your brain to understand the dimensions better. Changing the color of your ceiling can accomplish more than you might imagine. If you want to make a bold statement, then consider adding patterned wallpaper instead.


  1. Add Molding to the Room

You can immediately elevate the style of any room by installing molding or a wall frame. If you place it along a single wall and paint it the same color as the rest of the space, then the interior design will feel sophisticated and elegant without costing a fortune. Then consider installing window treatments about eight inches above the height of the window, letting them hang to the floor, to create even more visual drama.


  1. Incorporate Your Hobby

If you have lots of creative energy that you embrace every day, then incorporate your work into a room at home. Your photography, stitching, quilting, and other activities will give your house a personal feel while adding more color and personality. This process also saves you a lot of money on the remodeling work because you’ll be supplying all of the updates!


It doesn’t take much work to make an old room feel like it is a brand-new one once again. Try one of these ideas this month to see how fast your home can feel fresh again.

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