How to Build a DIY Wood Countertop

Do you have a dated countertop in your home that could use a replacement? Are you not in the market right now for expensive materials, such as marble or granite?

Then a DIY wood countertop could be an affordable way to modernize the appearance of a kitchen or bathroom without a dramatic impact on your budget.


Here are the materials that you’ll need to complete this fun project.


  • 5 pine boards that are 2x6x8 in size.
  • A biscuit joiner and biscuits.
  • Wood glue.
  • Your preferred stain color.
  • White paint.
  • Gel top coating.
  • Chip brush.


You’ll start by ripping each of the boards by 0.25 inches on each side, totaling half an inch for each one. This step creates smooth sides and ensures the depth is correct. Your measurements may be different, which means you’ll want an idea of the total width for your counter before beginning this project.


Then you’ll need to cut slots into the boards with the biscuit joiner. This step is necessary because it will join them together so that you can eventually form the DIY wood countertop. Once all of the boards are together, you’ll want to sand the outside so that it is super smooth.


Wood glue is necessary when combining the boards so that the product doesn’t fall apart. The biscuits give the DIY wood countertop more stability, but the adhesive is required. You may need to have clamps that keep the wood together for 24-72 hours so that it can dry appropriately.


You must avoid having the glue seep through the cracks of each board to the top of your new counter. Any adhesive there will not accept the stain or paint well, which means your final look will appear unfinished.


Once the new DIY wood countertop is dry, you can install it directly on your cabinets. Most projects will require the screws to come up from underneath to ensure that the integrity of the top remains intact.


When the countertop is secure, then you can stain the top of it with whatever color you prefer. You also have the option to paint it. Once you’ve got it the tone you prefer, then a clear gel top coating is necessary to protect the surface from water and heat. Several different items can create this result, so it depends on what your final plans are for the project to determine your eventual need.


Don’t apply the gel top coating until the stain or paint is dry. You may need to wait up to 24 hours. Then follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your preferred product. You’ll want to make sure that you are working in a well-ventilated environment when applying these components.


Once you reach this stage, then the DIY wood countertop is ready to use. It will provide you a water-resistant surface that looks beautiful while giving your space a vintage look that you’ll love. With regular care and maintenance, it can last for just as long as most conventional counters that you’ll find installed in homes today.

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