How to Create a DIY Barn Door

Barn doors are the must-have home accessory this decade. You can use this option for a laundry room entry, a bathroom, or even your bedroom. It ensures that you have the style and privacy you want for each space in your home.


You can shop at most DIY retailers to find options that you can immediately install at home. If you want this addition to have more of a personal touch, then you can create a barn door without much effort.


Here are the steps that you’ll want to follow to complete the process.


Step #1: Choose Your Lumber

Appearance boards are the most accessible medium to use when building a DIY barn door. Then remember to purchase a hardware kit that matches the look that you hope to accomplish with this project.


Step #2: Remove Your Existing Door

Select the room and doorway that will serve as the setting for your DIY barn door. Remove any existing fixtures. Then measure the opening to determine what the size must be so that your appearance board can cover the opening. You must add at least two inches to the width to ensure you cover the sides that don’t have any trim.


Step #3: Cut and Create

Once you have the measurements secured, it is time to cut the lumber to size. You can add patterns to the board, create a simple panel that uses 2×4 boards, or take whatever other approaches you prefer. If you encounter any gaps during the construction process, then wood fillers will eliminate the open spaces.


Step #4: Apply Stain or Paint

Once the DIY barn door gets built, you can apply the paint or stain of your choice to it. You’ll want to allow the door to try before adding a second coat if it becomes necessary. Use a paintbrush to get into the gaps, edges, and holes before using a roller to apply the rest of the materials.


Step #5: Install Support Molding

Cut a 1×4-inch piece to match the length of the door track. Then locate the studs in your walls so that you know where to drill. This mounting board must be level with the door casing for it to be an effective installation.


Step #6: Attach Your Hardware

After the support mount is in place, you can attach the rollers to your door. Mark the screw locations first before drilling holes and putting the hardware into place. Then attach a handle to the door following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. You must ensure that the items in this step have the capability of supporting your DIY barn door.


Once you finish those steps, you are ready to hang the barn door. If your hardware kit didn’t come with stoppers, then add one to each end of your track so that the door won’t slide off of the wall or come out of the installation easily.


Safety should always be a priority. Always wear gloves, safety glasses, and other items of personal protective equipment when working on a project like this one.

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