Affordable Eco-Friendly Home Décor Ideas

Many of today’s hottest home trends involve using reclaimed, renewable, and recyclable materials.


When you take an Earth-conscious approach to your interior décor, then it is possible to create a livable and lovely home without expanding your carbon footprint.


The most affordable eco-friendly home décor options include materials like recycled polyester, cork, bamboo, reclaimed wood, and felt. If you’re looking for some new ideas to spruce of the look of your space, then here are some ideas that may give you some inspiration.


Best Home Décor Ideas that Support the Environment


  1. Update the flooring of your home.

Eco-friendly flooring is remarkably easy to find today. You can choose from reclaimed wood, cork, or bamboo to have a surface that’s durable and easy to maintain. These options are still moisture-resistant and reduce the influence of sound. Then you can lay rugs down that are made from similar processes.


  1. Create a living space that’s alive.

Houseplants are an excellent way to encourage more life in your home décor. They do more than create a visually appealing place. You can choose species that will filter some of the airborne toxins from the indoor environment, add humidity, and improve the overall air quality.


  1. Use zero VOC emission paints whenever possible.

Look for wallpaper that’s crafted from recycled paper and water-based ink to create an environmentally friendly environment for your room. Paints should have zero volatile organic compounds to them. Then follow this rule for any caulks, adhesives, or stains that you need to finish off the perfect look for your home décor.


  1. Shop locally for new items and artistic pieces.

If you need new items for your home because recycled or reclaimed products are unavailable, then shop locally for them whenever possible. The money that you spend with potters, woodworkers, and artists in your community makes double the impact economically when compared to online sales. You’ll also create a distinctive look that is unique to your hometown.


  1. Reclaim architectural elements from your community.

If you want to have an eco-friendly décor, then it is essential to keep the landfills around your community free of reusable items. You’ll find numerous flea markets, salvage yards, and re-use it centers that provide many of the pieces that you’ll want for your home at discount prices. Some of the products might even be free! If you take the time to wander without the pressure of a deadline, then your rooms will experience some incredible benefits!


  1. Use your talents.

Don’t be afraid to use your own talents when designing an eco-friendly home décor. You can be creative and artistic with your existing furniture to breathe new life into each piece. It’s incredible to see an old dresser transform into something modern with a fresh coat of stain or paint.


Supporting our environment is an essential part of the homeownership experience. These ideas will help you to embrace new décor options while creating a fun space that you get to call home every day.

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