What You Need to Know About Making a Goodwill Donation

If you donate new or gently used items to your local Goodwill, then you’re contributing to valuable employment training opportunities for individuals in your community. The organization also provides job placement services and a variety of unique resources based on the revenues of each store and earnings from the website.


When you want to donate items to your local Goodwill store, most facilities allow you to pull up next to their warehouse or storage facility. A volunteer or an employee will help you to unload your vehicle unless local restrictions don’t permit this assistance. Then you can receive a receipt for your donation if you want one.


You may also donate at several Goodwill-branded bins that are sometimes found in each community.


How Do I Prepare Items for a Donation?


If you have extra items that are lying around the house, then you can donate them directly to Goodwill to help others.


After you have everything together that you’d like to donate, it is essential to look over each item to ensure that it is in good condition. Goodwill stores cannot offer things that are dirty or damaged, which means your donation will go directly into the trash.


If you have clothing to donate to Goodwill, then it helps to send it through the laundry first before sending it to the organization. You might want to disinfect surfaces of hard goods, blow the dust out of electronics, and take similar steps for additional items.


Once you have everything in order, it helps to have the items you wish to donate boxed up. When the products are in containers, then the time it takes to load and unload your vehicle will be significantly less.


Is There Anything of Value I Get for My Donation?


After the tax law changed for returns in 2018 and later in the United States, the standard deduction almost doubled for most filers. That meant the value of your donation to an organization like Goodwill was not always possible to claim since your itemized deductions must exceed the initial threshold of the standardized figure.


If you do have extensive deductions and can itemize them on your tax return, then your Goodwill donation can make a positive impact on your taxes.


The government requires you to value your donation when filing a return, which means a complete inventory of what you donated is necessary. Goodwill offers a valuation guide that can help you to fill out the receipt that you receive after dropping off your items.


An attendant at Goodwill does not provide a complete receipt for this need. You typically receive a blank ticket that you must fill out based on the items you have.


If you donate to a Goodwill bin, then you can still take advantage of this benefit if you document the items that you placed in it. You’ll need to speak with the organization about obtaining a receipt for the goods.


Donating to Goodwill helps you to organize your home, support your community, and possibly earn a tax benefit. That’s why it is such a beneficial decision!

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