5 Fun Bar Ideas to Use for Your Backyard This Year

Whether you’re enjoying some social distancing time by having a single glass of wine or entertaining a house full of guests, a backyard bar is this year’s best investment idea. It can be a standalone feature, part of a complete outdoor kitchen, or a new addition to your patio.


You’ll find designs available today that are as elaborate or as simple as your budget allows. One of the easiest ways to save money on this project is to use repurposed materials, such as barrels or pallets, to maximize your investment.


Here are some fun ideas that you could try for your backyard bar this year.


List of the Best Ideas for a Backyard Bar


  1. Be purposeful with your design.

A backyard bar doesn’t need to be large to make a massive impact. A small stand made from repurposed pallets can be an effective way to serve some of your favorite beverages. The best part about using an item that already has structure to it is that you can sand it, stain it, and use it right away.


  1. Add a pizza oven to your bar.

If you already have a bar that you use outside, then consider making it more versatile by incorporating a pizza oven. You can make a lot of other favorite bar foods with this addition, from hot wings to burgers. Just remember to check with your local buildings codes to see if you need a permit for this item.


  1. Use metal instead of wood for your bar.

If you grew up in the Great Depression, then you learned how to maximize everything at home. That meant tearing napkins in half, leaving no food waste, and watching how you spent every penny. When you use repurposed tin and other metals to create the structure for your bar, then you’ll create a farmhouse look that fuses vintage charm with modern convenience.


  1. Focus on an improvement to your bar top.

The counter where you sit at a bar creates the first visual impression of your setup. If it doesn’t feel inviting, then no one is going to want to get a drink there. When the rest of your structure looks good in the backyard, then consider spending a little more on your bar top. The number of options that are available today because of resin formation is incredible, and you can choose from virtually any color.


  1. Use stone to create your bar.

If you have a mason at home, then they can build a beautiful bar from scratch using the natural materials from your yard. You can also opt for a brick design if you prefer when following this idea. Then add a granite countertop slab to complete the look. This option is perfect for those who love to grill outside or have a second kitchen on the patio already.


An outdoor bar will make your backyard even more useful than it already is today. Consider pursuing one of these ideas to enjoy your investment all year long.

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