Best Houseplants for Your Home, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re looking for the perfect houseplant for your home, then your Zodiac sign can unlock some clues for you.


  1. Aries

A cactus in your home proves that you don’t mess around. You might be brash and known for making a statement, so this houseplant does the same thing for your space.


  1. Taurus

The jade plant is stable, dependable, and able to adapt when the going gets tough. It provides a calming presence in the home without calling a lot of attention to itself. The leaves of this houseplant are also considered good luck.


  1. Gemini

An air plant is an easy-going addition to your home. It doesn’t even need to be potted in soil, making it incredibly adaptable to virtually any situation. You can also improve your air circulation with this little fellow.


  1. Cancer

The spider plant is sensitive, compassionate, and willing to go out of its way to set some roots down – just like you! Cats love them, so make sure it stays out of reach from your pets. When you see new groupings, then you can place them in pots to expand your collection!


  1. Leo

Begonias are reflective of a colorful personality, and Leos have that more than any other Zodiac sign. The variety of styles and colors available with this selection allow you to accentuate any room.


  1. Virgo

A prayer plant is the best option because it offers unique patterns. The leaves tend to fold up at night, retreating into a world filled with its own thoughts. It also has a specific set of needs that you’re well equipped to manage.


  1. Libra

Lilies are adaptable to a variety of environments. This houseplant adds a new level of sophistication while being a globally recognized sign of peace. It perfectly reflects your desire to have harmony in your family.


  1. Scorpio

The Venus Flytrap is one of the most intimidating houseplants anyone can own. Since you’re already the reserved type, this plant reflects who you are whenever an intruder triggers the feeding mechanism.


  1. Sagittarius

A snake plant is durable, tall, and can accentuate virtually any space in your home. It’s incredibly easy to maintain, and some can survive in warmer climates outside. It needs minimal supervision to survive, which is the perfect reflection of your personality.


  1. Capricorn

The juniper may not be a traditional houseplant, but it is an excellent reflection of the hard work you prioritize. You have a strong sense of respect for the people in your home, and this selection allows you to reflect those feelings with your care routines.


  1. Aquarius

The lifesaver plant provides a quirky display that will become an instant conversation piece. It’s exotic, doesn’t require much maintenance, and is almost impossible to kill.


  1. Pisces

A string of pearls gives you a straightforward houseplant that doesn’t need many frills to produce a successful experience. It can adapt to most areas of your home, even if you have full sunlight in some spots.

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