How to Build an Outdoor Pizza Oven

If you love to make homemade pizza, then having an outdoor oven that can bake your favorite slices to perfection is the perfect backyard investment this year. You could hire someone to complete this project for you, but it is easy enough to do as a DIY effort.


You’ll need some concrete mix, a cement mixer, trowels, a grout bag, a circular saw, safety glasses, work gloves, a shovel, and a welder to complete the project.


Welding is the trickiest part of this process. If you don’t have this equipment at home, then you may want to hire someone from the neighborhood to complete it for you.


Begin to Build Your New Pizza Oven with These Steps


You need to lay a cement pad for your new pizza oven in your backyard. Then this foundation must dry before you can start to build the actual structure.


Using eight-inch concrete blocks, build an L-shaped structure that will fit the oven and give you some counter space. Stagger your stacks so that the holes of the blocks remain exposed. Then you can fill them with concrete for more stability.


Once the cement dries, you can cover the base of the concrete blocks with brick or stone to make it appear more visually appealing. One of the fastest ways to accomplish this step is to use brick tiles. You’ll want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for laying it correctly. Remember to fill all of your open spaces with grout for the best results.


Then you’re ready to make a countertop. A simple concrete surface is the easiest way to go with this design. You’ll want to lay a frame down on top of your build so that the concrete doesn’t pour off as you start the creation process.


Then You’re Ready to Assemble the Oven


Most pizza ovens come in multiple pieces. It will be up to you to put them all together like a puzzle – and that’s where the welding work takes place.


It helps to complete a dry installation first. Don’t forget about the arch when you ensure everything lines up as it should.

Then install all of the components according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. That includes making sure that there’s enough room to vent the smoke or gas from the new oven. Some communities may have specific restrictions or coding requirements for you to meet, so it may be useful to speak with a general contractor about your project.


The final step of your pizza oven is to give it a beautiful stucco finish. If you’re not a trained mason, then you may want to hire someone to complete that final step.


Is a backyard pizza oven overkill if you only make a couple of pies per week? It is helpful to remember that this investment can help you to make plenty of other fun meals. You’ll find it to be a versatile addition that could add a lot of value to your property!

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