Unique Ways to Light Up Your Backyard at Night

A backyard can be a place of fun adventures during the day. When the sun decides to set each night, an innovative lighting design can brighten this space so that it continues to be usable. Even if the skies are pitch black, a successful installation still lets you enjoy your garden, patio, or pool.


Lighting provides safety and security when it highlights your property. It can also transform your space into an illuminated social spot where you can have a laugh with family and friends.


Before you decide to transform your backyard, you’ll want to speak with your local government to see if any codes or brightness guidelines exist. Then you can work toward using one of these ideas to enjoy more time outside.


Create an Atmosphere in Your Backyard


Lighting around your pool or garden can create specific moods when the sun goes down. If you place twinkling fairy lights in trees or potted plants, then you can create something that feels playful.


When you choose soft lighting for your backyard, then your design will focus on the soothing features of your space. Choose this option if you want to add an atmosphere of romanticism to your property.


Another option to consider is having the lighting placed directly in your pool. You can highlight specific features of your installation, such as a waterfall or a spillover, without exposing anyone to electricity when coding expectations get followed correctly.


Highlight the Features You Love at Home


A unique way to add lighting to your backyard is to incorporate it underneath any deck or patio steps you might have. It’s a process that’s similar to what you’d see for an artistic display or a curio that highlights a specific shelf. If you have beautiful stone or brick that you can highlight with this idea, then you’ll create an impressive amount of curb appeal.


If you’ve taken steps to improve your outdoor lighting and the backyard doesn’t have the atmosphere you want yet, then some landscaping improvements can be helpful. Consider installing travertine walkways or patio areas because the material reflects the light without harsh tones. You’ll see it spread out along the surface more to highlight many of the best features of your space.


You can place sconces inside any patios or pool houses on your property to help the light bounce off of high ceilings. Downlighting will provide more texture in the installation, and then use riser lights to complete the look.


You can also go with a straight-forward approach. Having well-placed lanterns that connect to your house’s power grid allows you to flip a switch to enjoy your backyard. A variety of fixtures are available from most home improvement retailers that can give you the extra light you need to enjoy your garden at night.


Whether you live in the desert, the mountains, or on a country farm, lighting up your backyard at night will give you more usable space. Use that to your advantage the next time you want some quiet time or have some friends over.

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