Useful Guest Room Ideas for Your Home

If you have a spare bedroom available in your home, then it could become the perfect guest room. This space is successful when it greets your visiting family or friends with a warm and welcoming ambiance.


The best guest rooms offer the amenities of a hotel while providing the charm of being at home. Consider adding a comfortable chair, a luxurious mattress, and a desk where someone can easily check their email. Then remember to have a spot for chargers and stock it with toiletry essentials.


How to Create the Perfect Guest Room


The perfect guest room starts at the mattress. Don’t give them the oldest, most uncomfortable one that you have. If you don’t have it in your budget right now to afford a good bed, then consider supplying an air mattress. Then you can implement these additional ideas.


  1. Upgrade the bedding in your guest room.

The bedding in your guest room should be clean. It also needs to feel luxurious if you want it to offer a positive first impression. That means providing your family and friends with a choice of pillows, ironed pillowcases, and a thick comforter. You might even consider adding a mattress topper to that list.


  1. Offer extra linens in the room.

Accidents are going to happen. If you provide your guests with extra linens in their room, then you won’t have the awkward question about asking if there’s another set of sheets of them to use. Some friends and family members also like to change the bedding when they leave, and this idea might encourage that behavior.


  1. Have room for storage.

Clear out a space in the closet for a suitcase and other luggage that your guests might bring. It also helps to provide a small bench or table where they can set down the items to unpack. It’s never a good feeling to stoop down to the floor when all you want is a comfortable pair of dry socks.


  1. Eliminate all of the knick-knacks in the room.

Your guest room can be a decorative space when you’re not expecting any company. When you know for certain that someone will be staying with you, then get rid of all of the extra stuff. Keep the dresser empty, the bed clear of dolls or stuffed animals, and prep the space like it would be a hotel room. A clock and a calendar are useful items to consider adding.


  1. Give people their privacy.

Your guests won’t know who may have the opportunity to look through the window in their room. Providing them with draperies or blinds can give them a sense of privacy that they need after spending time on the road or in the air. Then remember to give your family or friend the instructions for your security system so that they can come and go as needed.


Having guests over can be a fun and memorable experience. When you offer them the perfect place to stay, then your house can also become their home for the duration of their time with you.

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